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🗃 Add `href_rewrites` field to RPS Mapping model

David Jose DELASSUS requested to merge (removed):main into main

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Some applications served via the Reverse Proxy Service have no knowledge of the source URL used to serve them. This means that in the HTML they return, the hyperlinks (href and src attributes on HTML elements <a/>, <img/>, <script/>, <link/>, <form/>, etc...) contain the target URL of the upstream.

In the SID CMDB, mappings had a field has standard rewrites which, when enabled, enabled the configuration to replace the target URLs with the source URLs.

We need to replicate this feature in the Netbox CMDB.


  • 🗃 Add field href_rewrites to Mapping model
  • 🗃 Add migration for new field href_rewrites on the Mapping model
  • Add field href_rewrites to Mapping forms, tables and HTML templates
  • Serialize field href_rewrites in REST API

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