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Draft: Add Python Netbox client

David Jose DELASSUS requested to merge (removed):python-client into main

Decision Record

The current PoC of "Dockerized NGINX+" has an agent, implemented in Python, which interacts with Netbox, especially the RPS plugin. The Netbox client part needs to be extracted into a new library, usable by everyone (and later on, an Ansible Module as well).

The client has to meet the following requirements:

  • log every call to the Netbox API and their response, so that the CMDB squad is able to map the usag of Netbox across the European Commission
  • support all Netbox plugin made available by the CMDB squad


  • Wraps official pynetbox client
  • 🔊 Log every call to the API and their result
  • Add support for RPS plugin
  • Add support for DNS plugin
  • Add support for Certificates plugin
  • Add support for Docker plugin
  • Add complete test suite
  • 👷 Add CI pipeline to publish package to Gitlab's package registry

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