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Draft: Fix CO2 and Fuel consumption summary calculations for CIF

In order to comply with EU 2019/1242 Annex 2.1 and 2.5 the formulas to compute CO2 Consumption per Km, Payload and Fuel Consumption per Km had to be updated to the following:

CO2_{V_{g/km}} = \sum{(\frac{CO2Total_{mp}}{Distance_{mp}}}\times W_{mp})
CO2_{V_{g/t-km}} = \sum{(\frac{CO2Total_{mp}}{{PL}_{sg} \times Distance_{mp}}} \times W_{mp})

Instead of:

CO2_{V_{g/km}} = \frac{\sum{(CO2Total_{mp}\times W_{mp})}}{ \sum{(Distance_{mp}\times W_{mp})}}
CO2_{V_{g/t-km}} = \frac{\sum{(CO2Total_{mp}\times W_{mp})}}{{PL}_{sg} \times \sum{(Distance_{mp}\times W_{mp})}}

Where PL_{sg}

PL_{sg} = \sum{PL_{mp} \times W_{mp}}

Similarly, FC

FC = \sum{\frac{FC_{mp}}{Distance_{mp}}} \times W_{mp}

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